All characters are able to wear accessories. There are four different slots available for accessories: Ring, Medal, Belt and Amulet. Each character may wear a maximum of two rings, two medals, one belt and one amulet.

Accessories almost always have an enchantment associated with them. If accessories are made of a special material, they do not receive any benefit except for the price increase.

The table below lists all the different accessories:

Name Slot Base Price Hex Code
Ring Ring 100 01
Belt Belt 100 02
Broach Medal 250 03
Medal Medal 100 04
Charm Medal 50 05
Cameo Medal 300 06
Scarab Medal 200 07
Pendant Amulet 500 08
Necklace Amulet 1000 09
Amulet Amulet 2000 0A
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