number5The Monster ID
sideDARKSIDEThe side of Xeen it appears on
nameArmadilloMonster's Name
experience60000Party experience when defeating it
hp800Monster's max HP
acc50Monster's armor class (physical defence)
speed15Monster's attack speed (determines order per round)
numberOfAttacks1Number of attacks monster gets per round
hatesClassANYClass/race to attack first (ALL=attack entire party at once)
strikes100The 'X' in the XdY equation
dmgPerStrike6The 'Y' in the XdY equation
attackTypePhysicalElement type of attack
specialAttackBreak WeaponSpecial effects caused by attack
hitChance60Base probability of attack landing
rangeAttackFalseCan attack at a distance
monsterTypeAnimalCertain monster types are affected differently by some spells
res_fire50Resistance to fire based attacks
res_elec0Resistance to electricity based attacks
res_cold80Resistance to cold based attacks
res_poison80Resistance to poison based attacks
res_energy50Resistance to energy based attacks
res_magic0Resistance to magic based attacks
res_physical50Resistance to physical attacks
field_290unknown! Doesn't seem to be used anywhere
gold0Gold dropped by monster
gems0Gems dropped by monster
itemDrop0probability that monster drops an item
flyingFalseBoolean value: monster flies or it doesn't
imageNumber5Sprite ID (xxx.MON and xxx.ATK files)
loopAnimationTrueFrames either increment and loop, or bounce start to end and back
animationEffect0Special effects
idleSound113Effect number played by PlayFX every 5 seconds
attackVocunnhxxx.VOC file played when monster attacks