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The scripting command ConfirmWord has the opcode (0x15).


  • Map text file string index (byte) - acceptable word
  • Line Number (byte) - line number if an acceptable word is entered
  • Map text file string index (byte) - second acceptable word, optional (zero means not used)
  • Map text file string index (byte) - prompt to display to the player


Displays the specified prompt to the player, and waits for them to enter a string. If this string matches the first acceptable word from the map text file, execution jumps to the supplied line number. If a second acceptable word index is provided (ie. is not zero) then this too is compared with the user input; a successful match also causes execution to jump to the supplied line number. If neither word matched, execution continues from the next line.


This opcode can have zero passed as the first acceptable word parameter, in which case it appears that it uses the result of a previous function. It also checks if the destination line number is zero, and this also affects the outcome of the functions. This needs to be further investigated.