Cost100 Spell Points and 10 Gems
ObjectAll Visible Monsters

Pounds all the monsters in front of the party with a storm of magical energy, inflicting 150 points of a random damage type to each monster.

Function prototype:ElementalStorm()
Damage Type:Random: 02, 03, 04, 05
* From manual:All Visible Monsters
* Function RangeType:Template:RT ALL
MultiAttack value:Varies

The sound effect and MultiAttack values are looked up from a table. If the first random value (02) is chosen, use the first value from the following lists, if the second value is chosen (03), use the second value, and so forth.

The PlayFX() values are: Effect Number 0D, Effect Number 0E, Effect Number 0F, and Effect Number 11.
The MultiAttack() values are: Template:MA, Template:MA, Template:MA, and Template:MA.