Enchants a weapon or piece of armor. The enchantment can provide magical resistance to armor, magical damage to weapons, stat bonuses to both weapons and armor, or simple material types (e.g. Leather, Steel, Emerald) to both weapons and armor. The spell can also fail, leaving the item unchanged.

Additional Details from DisassemblyEdit

All of the details in this section apply to the 1999 CD-ROM re-release version - 3D0's "Might and Magic Millenium Edition". Other versions of the game are likely to be identical.

This spell can only enchant weapons and armor that have no secondary characteristics (Material type, Magical resistances/damage, or stat bonuses). Accessories (and Misc items as well) are never enchantable with this spell, even if they are found or edited to have no secondary characteristics.

Better enchantments are more common with higher level characters. Actual level and magical bonus level will both improve results (This is the effective level shown under "Lvl" on the character sheet display). Heroism bonuses do not improve results of this spell. Brackets are used such that a level 1 character will have the exact same probabilities as a level 4 character. A level 5 character will have much better chances for good enchants than a level 4, but the odds do not improve again until you reach level 10.  The brackets continue like this every 5 levels.


Cost30 Spell Points and 20 Gems
Object1 Item

Bestows magical power to an item that has none. The more powerful the spell caster, the better the chance for a powerful item.

Function prototype:EnchantItem()
Damage Type:Unknown
* From manual:1 Item
* Function RangeType:Unknown
MultiAttack value:Unknown