All of the face sprites used to display player characters and NPCs are stored in files with the .FAC extension. Of these files, the ones named CHARxx.FAC (where xx is 01 through 24) are the player characters. These files have exactly 5 sprite frames - one for each of the facial expression of the character. NPC faces are stored in files named FACExx.FAC (where xx is 01 through 66). These files contain exactly 4 sprite frames that are used to animate the NPC's mouth during dialog. The only other .FAC file is DSE.FAC which contains three sprite frames that represent the various death states of the player characters. In all cases the size of the sprite is 32x32 pixels.


These images are shown at 2x scale for illustration purposes.

Player Faces NPC Faces Death States
Char Npc face Dse

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