General Edit

Game bits are set by scripts and the engine for various purposes.

Details Edit

Both Clouds and Darkside have a theoretical maximum of 255 game flags, although at least Clouds seems to have some overlap with other comparison bytes. This overlap may be by design, allowing several flags with specific purposes to be compared at once directly in the engine. Extensive work and examination of the event files will need to be done to determine the purpose of all flags.

Clouds Game Bits Edit

Bit Description
0x21 Set when Water Corner is activated.
0x32 Found Orothin's whistle and set him free

Darkside Game Bits Edit

Bit Description

In Darkside, Game Flag 3 to game Flag 113 are used to set or unset the GemStones in the mines. To replenish the mines, the God of Minerals unset all of these flags.

Notes Edit

Game bits are game specific. Clouds cannot set or check Darksides bits, and vice versa. Even when installed together as WoX, the engine keeps all game bits separate.


Lots of bits to investigate.

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