The mirror file is stored inside the game's CC resource file. Darkside has a mirror file named "DARKMIRR.TXT" in DARK.CC, while Clouds has a mirror file named "XEENMIRR.TXT" in XEEN.CC.

Usage Edit

Every game has a mirror locations file which stores a list of names that the player can type in to a mirror, and the location to which the user will be teleported for each word.

File Format Edit

The file size consists of any number of records, each 32 bytes in length, so the file size is always a multiple of 32.

The first 28 bytes of each record contain an ASCIIZ string (right-padded with null characters as necessary) which will be matched with whatever the player types in at the mirror. If it matches, the player will be teleported to the location specified in the last four bytes of the record:

  • Byte 29 - Map number
  • Byte 30 - X Coordinate on map
  • Byte 31 - Y Coordinate on map
  • Byte 32 - Facing direction