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The scripting command DoorTextLrg has the opcode (0x03).




This operation draws the supplied string in the 3D game window. The text is drawn using the large font set, formatted and aligned so that it would appear over the top of a door. This opcode would only ever be used in events directly in front of a door sprite. An example can be seen in the image to the right.

This is one of the few events that is automatically executed and does not need to be triggered by the player pressing the spacebar to interact with the event/object.


The functionality of this opcode is identical to DoorTextSml, except that it draws the text using the large font rather than the small font. See also SeatTextSml and SeatTextLrg.

Matt does not recall having ever seen this opcode used in any game, but needs to do a thorough search before this can be stated as fact.