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The scripting command DoTownEvent has the opcode (0x11).


  • Enum value (byte) - the Town Event ID


See the table below for details on how the engine handles this operation.

Town Event IDs Edit

Byte Value
0x00 Bank
0x01 Blacksmith
0x02 Guild
0x03 Tavern
0x04 Temple
0x05 Trainer
0x06 Arena Event
0x07 Unknown
0x08 Reaper Event (Enter Tower)
0x09 Golem Event (Enter Dungeon)
0x0A Dwarf Event (Enter Dwarf's Mines in Clouds)
0x0B Sphinx Event
0x0C Pyramid
0x0D Dwarf Event (Enter Town in Darkside)

One of these values is passed to the game engine's DoTownEvent function, which then displays the specified animation sequence and/or interaction options as required.


Implementation of each possible action is left up to the game engine, and may be implementation-specific. World of Xeen may handle the events differently than Swords of Xeen, but this has not been investigated yet.