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The scripting command WhoWill has the opcode (0x20).


  • Byte - "Who Will {what}"
  • Map text file string index (byte) - Description text


Displays the description text (lookup from the map text file), the "Who Will" prompt, waits for the player to select a character, and stores the selection. If the escape key is pressed instead, the select is canceled, and the event exits.


The result of the selection is stored internally in the VAR_C variable. This is used in other opcodes, such as TakeOrGive. If there are less than 6 characters, it will wait until a valid character is selected. If there is only one character in the party, it skips the prompt and just selects 1 automatically.

The same "Who Will" code is called by the Open Grate command, and the SetChar opcode, except the "description" is one of the Who Will options below (same as the Who Will {What}) instead of a map text.

Who Will Edit

Value {What}
0x00 Search
0x01 Open
0x02 Drink
0x03 Mine
0x04 Touch
0x05 Read
0x06 Learn
0x07 Take
0x08 Bang
0x09 Steal
0x0A Bribe
0x0B Pay
0x0C Sit
0x0D Try
0x0E Turn
0x0F Bathe
0x10 Destroy
0x11 Pull
0x12 Descend
0x13 Toss A Coin
0x14 Pray
0x15 Join
0x16 Act
0x17 Play
0x18 Push
0x19 Rub
0x1A Pick
0x1B Eat
0x1C Sign
0x1D Close
0x1E Look
0x1F Try