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The scripting command ItemType has the opcode (0x2D).


  • Byte - The item type to be set


Sets an internal "ItemType" variable which is used in other opcodes (such as GiveExtended) for giving specific item types.


The only known use of this command is in the clouds above Witch Tower, and is immediately followed by a GiveExtended command. It sets the type of item to be given when picking up the offerings in the clouds. These types may or may not be universal. ie, the same "type" field may be used in other opcodes, such as GiveEnchanted.

0x00 *Random*
0x01 Long Sword
0x02 Short Sword
0x03 Broad Sword
0x04 Scimitar
0x05 Cutlass
0x06 Sabre
0x07 Club
0x08 Hand Axe
0x09 Katana
0x0A Nunchakas
0x0B Wakazashi
0x0C Dagger
0x0D Mace
0x0E Flail
0x0F Cudgel
0x10 Maul
0x11 Spear
0x12 Bardiche
0x13 Glaive
0x14 Halberd
0x15 Pike
0x16 Flamberge
0x17 Trident
0x18 Staff
0x19 Hammer
0x1A Naginita
0x1B Battle Axe
0x1C Grand Axe
0x1D Great Axe
0x1E Short Bow
0x1F Long Bow
0x20 Crossbow
0x21 Sling
0x22 Xeen Slayer Sword (yes, it is its own type)
0x23  ?? blank ??
0x24 Robes
0x25 Scale Armor
0x26 Ring Mail
0x27 Chain Mail
0x28 Splint Mail
0x29 Plate Mail
0x2A Plate Armor
0x2B Shield
0x2C Helm
0x2D Boots
0x2E Cloak
0x2F Cape
0x30 Gauntlets
0x31  ?? Blank ??
0x32 Ring
0x33 Belt
0x34 Broach
0x35 Medal
0x36 Charm
0x37 Cameo
0x38 Scarab
0x39 Pendant
0x3A Necklace
0x3B Amulet
0x3C  ?? Blank ??
0x3D Rod
0x3E Jewel
0x3F Gem
0x40 Box
0x41 Orb
0x42 Horn
0x43 Coin
0x44 Wand
0x45 Whistle
0x46 Potion
0x47 Scroll
0x48  ?? Bogus ??
0x49  ?? Bogus ??
0x4A  ?? Bogus ??
0x4B  ?? Bogus ??
0x4C  ?? Bogus ??
0x4D  ?? Bogus ??
0x4E  ?? Bogus ??
0x4F  ?? Bogus ??
0x50  ?? Bogus ??
0x51  ?? Bogus ??
0x52 Deed To Newcastle
0x53 Crystal Key to Witch Tower
0x54 Skeleton Key to Darzog's Tower
0x55 Enchanted Key to Tower of High Magic
0x56 Jeweled Amulet of the Northern Sphinx
0x57 Stone of a Thousand Terrors
0x58 Golem Stone of Admittance
0x59 Yak Stone of Opening
0x5A Xeen's Scepter of Temporal Distortion
0x5B Alacorn of Falista
0x5C Elixir of Restoration
0x5D Wand of Faery Magic
0x5E Princess Roxanne's Tiara
0x5F Holy Book of Elvenkind
0x60 Scarab of Imaging
0x61 Crystals of Piezoelectricity
0x62 Scroll of Insight
0x63 Phirna Root
0x64 Orothin's Bone Whistle
0x65 Barok's Magic Pendant
0x66 Ligono's Missing Skull
0x67 Last Flower of Summer
0x68 Last Raindrop of Spring
0x69 Last Snowflake of Winter
0x6A Last Leaf of Autumn
0x6B Ever Hot Lava Rock
0x6C King's Mega Credit
0x6D Excavation Permit
0x6E Cupie Doll
0x6F Might Doll
0x70 Speed Doll
0x71 Endurance Doll
0x72 Accuracy Doll
0x73 Luck Doll
0x74 Widget
0x75 Pass to Castleview
0x76 Pass to Sandcaster
0x77 Pass to Lakeside
0x78 Pass to Necropolis
0x79 Pass to Olympus
0x7A Key to Great Western Tower
0x7B Key to Great Southern Tower
0x7C Key to Great Eastern Tower
0x7D Key to Great Northern Tower
0x7E Key to Ellinger's Tower
0x7F Key to Dragon Tower
0x80 Key to Darkstone Tower
0x81 Key to Temple of Bark
0x82 Key to Dungeon of Lost Souls
0x83 Key to Ancient Pyramid
0x84 Key to Dungeon of Death
0x85 Amulet of the Southern Sphinx
0x86 Dragon Pharaoh's Orb
0x87 Cube of Power
0x88 Chime of Opening
0x89 Gold ID Card
0x8A Silver ID Card
0x8B Vulture Repellent
0x8C Bridle
0x8D Enchanted Bridle
0x8E Treasure Map (Goto E1 x1, y11)
0x90 Fake Map
0x91 Onyx Necklace
0x92 Dragon Egg
0x93 Tribble
0x94 Golden Pegasus Statuette
0x95 Golden Dragon Statuette
0x96 Golden Griffin Statuette
0x97 Chalice of Protection
0x98 Jewel of Ages
0x99 Songebird of Serenity
0x9A Sandro's Heart
0x9B Ector's Ring
0x9C Vespar's Emerald Handle
0x9D Queen Kalindra's Crown
0x9E Caleb's Magnifying Glass
0x9F Soul Box
0xA0 Soul Box with Corak Inside
0xA1 Ruby Rock
0xA2 Emerald Rock
0xA3 Sapphire Rock
0xA4 Diamond Rock
0xA5 Monga Melon
0xA6 Energy Disk


  • the Blank items above give nothing and do nothing.
  • The Xeen Slayer Sword is it's own type, and giving it in this manner (calling GiveExtended) actually allows it to be enchanted as well.
  • The Bogus items give a Misc item with the name "Bogus", complete with enchantment (ie, "Bogus of Cure Poison"). They should not be used, unless redefined.
  • Items from 0x52 onward are quest items. They can be given in this way, but it won't actually give the quest item as expected. Instead, it gives an enchanted misc item. ie, "Deed to Newcastle of Fiery Flail". This is undefined behavior and may change in any future ports. Don't do it!

TODO: Determine if these are specific or universal item types