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The scripting command ChooseNumeric has the opcode (0x30).


  • n (byte) - Number of options (1-9)
  • Array of bytes (byte * n) - (N-1) each a one byte line number corresponding to the option selected.


Displays number buttons (up to 9) in the action button window (replacing the shoot, magic, rest, kick, etc...), waits for a user to select a valid choice, and jumps to the corresponding line number. The last option always continues to the next line, even if N (or more than N) line numbers are given. If fewer than N line numbers are given, then the options without matching line numbers simply continue to the next line.


Setting the number of options to 0 prevents the player from making any choice, effectively locking the game. Setting the number of options to greater than 9 causes an overflow and crashes the game. Don't do these things. It's not nice.