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The scripting command DisplayLarge has the opcode (0x32).



Displays a potentially massive message to the user, filling the 3D window, possibly spanning several pages. This string is not loaded from the standard AAZExxxx.TXT file, but from an alternate AAZE2xxx.TXT file, used only for this opcode. The lookup and text rendering is performed in the exact same manner as Display0x01 and other such display codes.


This opcode is the only opcode to function on the alternate AAZE2xxx.TXT files. Probably due to size constraints, an alternative file and opcode was needed for larger texts, but this is only an educated guess. It's only known use is the exceptionally long story on the statue of the Dungeon of Death Level 1 which acts as the hints to the crossword puzzle, and even that was broken into two records. This should be avoided if possible since it creates potential for back porting as it creates potential hash collisions (the hash for AAZE2121.TXT and AAZE2025.TXT is the same, for example) leading the engine to think two (or more) files are in fact the same file. It is possible to use this opcode across multiple maps if the collisions are handled very carefully, though a better solution will no doubt exist in future ports. This opcode will be supported for legacy purposes only.