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Description Edit

This opcode is used in the World of Xeen CD version to play NPC speech audio from the CD.

The first track on the World of Xeen CDs is the data track, containing the game files. Tracks 2 and above are audio tracks, so the cdTrackNumber parameter is always equal to 2 or greater.[verification needed]

Each NPC does not have their own individual audio track, rather it appears each voice artist has one audio track. All the snippets of conversation for all characters voiced by that voice artist are stored in one track with a few seconds of silence between each snippet. The frame numbers given in startFrame and endFrame specify the extent of the track to be played. A more detailed breakdown of the CD format can be found, for example, at the Track (CD) Wikipedia article.

Notes Edit

This function is only supported in the World of Xeen CD edition. None of the other original games support this opcode.