Text files used by the Xeen engine are made up entirely of ASCIIZ (null-terminated) strings. No other data is stored with the file.

Map Text Files Edit

Maps use two text files, AAZExxxx.TXT (stored in the game CC file) to store the text strings used by events on that map, and a text file named after the game (DARKxxxx.TXT or XEENxxx.TXT) which stores a single string, the name of the map (for example, "Area A1").

See the map file format page for more information.

Special Characters Edit

Certain strings (notably event text files) can contain non-printable characters which perform different effects.

0x01 \001 Instructs the renderer to use the large font set
0x02 \002 Instructs the renderer to use the small font set
0x03 \003 'l', 'c', or 'r' String justification left, center, or right
0x04 \004 nnn Draws a "bar" of the background colour under the text nnn pixels wide
0x05 n/a Totally unused
0x06 \006 Currently unknown
0x07 \a nnn Set background colour
0x08 \b c Display character c as a "shadow"
0x09 \t nnn x offset start (or center or end, depending on justification) of line
0x0A \n New line
0x0B \v nnn y offset of top line
0x0C \f nn Set text colour
0x0D \r Flood fill entire window with background colour
0x0E \016 Return to top

Special Text Files Edit

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