Hi there.

My name is Matt, and I live in Victoria, Australia.

World of Xeen - the floppy disk version, installed from two sets of original disks in original boxes in very good condition - was the first RPG game I ever played way back in 1994. I was hooked. Cut to 1999/2000, by which time the boxes had been flattened and thrown out by someone who thought they were just empty boxes taking up space.. at least they didn't throw out the disks. I was bored, came across the disks, and decided to start taking the game apart as an exercise in futility (and also as an excuse to teach myself a little bit of x86 assembler).

I worked at it, on and off, until the present day when I found a couple of other people were also interested in the Xeen game engine. At last, more party members! I know a lot about the internals of the game engine, so as a means of disseminating this information I decided to start a wiki. Also, it serves as a means of bus-proofing the project: if I get hit by a bus, all my valuable experience won't be lost. Now I just need to get around to writing everything up ;-)

After starting my own MediaWiki, I decided to move it over to wikia to make working on it a bit easier.

My eventual aim is to develop an IDE allowing people to create their own new games, and examine old ones, as well as a Windows (or generic C-based) port of the game engine to allow the original games (as well as new games) to run natively rather than requiring an additional emulator such as the awe-inspiring DOSBox. Finally, I'd like to be able to play Xeen on my phone when I am bored away from my computer.

Drop me a line: matt at worldofxeen dot net. (Now working again as of February 2010!) I'd love to hear from you!


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